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Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite


GTK 2.x Theme/Style

Score 75%
Open Source Design
Jared Sot 403

Open Source Design
United States of America
Last visit 12 hours ago
16 Friends
23 Groups

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Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite

Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite

Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite

Homepage:  Link
Downloads:  71819
Submitted:  Dec 31 2011
Updated:  Nov 21 2014


Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite An enhanced version of the Ubuntu Themes in 12 Amazing New Colors With many other new features. Work On Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Debian Or Any Distro... That has GTK Version 3.10-3.12, GTK 3.14 is not supported yet.

Supports Ubuntu 14.10 & 14.04. Mint 17 And Distributions with GTK 3.10-3.12. Newer GTK builds like 3.14 & 3.16 are most likely not working yet. We hope to add support soon.

This Theme Supports Most GTK 2/3 Desktops:
Including full and tested support for: Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Classic, Gnome 2 (Mate), XFCE ,LXDE & Openbox desktops.

Nautilus toolbar gap bug/issue has been fixed after long last! It was not our fault but we found a fix for it thank goodness. The era of gaps is over.

Brand New Optional Symbol-less Window Buttons. Make a comeback after a absence since 12.04. (Select Theme Named "Ambiance-ZRAVE-Color" to use) Thanks to Victor for this idea.

Please Note Gnome Shell is NOT supported at the moment.


New Unified Window Borders, Menus, and tool-bars for all desktops. (With Almost Unified on OpenBox and LXDE)

Fixes a issue where XFCE Window borders would not display properly on Fedora, Arch and OpenSUSE or any non Debian Distro.

Other Fixes and enhancements for XFCE Users & MATE Users

Full support for Nemo File Manager & The Cinnamon Desktop.Completely integrated support.

Dark sidebar for Nautilus/Files & Nemo.

2 New (Optional) Window Border Themes Available for Mate and XFCE with Classic Big Window Borders For easier resizing. 4PX wide as apposed to 1PX. This is for use on MATE and XFCE without Compiz if you have issues with the window border resize area being too small. A issue that was introduced with all new themes with "Borderless" Window Themes.

Other under the hood fixes and enhancements.

You Can Get The Humanity Colors Icon Theme that goes with this GTK Theme Here:http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Humanity+Icons+Colors+Version?content=148933

Or Grab Our New Icon Theme Vibrancy Colors Built to go well with this theme and be more modern Here:http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Vibrancy+Colors?content=167771

Features at a glance:

- Comes in 12 Vivid New Colors,
Colors include: Red, Orange (Different from Ubuntu orange), Yellow , Green , Blue , Purple , Graphite(Grey), Pink, Brown. Aqua, Teal and Manila.

Includes both: Ambiance & Radiance GTK2&3 Widget and Window border themes.

- Now with Optional clean Symbol-less Window Borders. Select Ambiance or Radiance-ZRAVE-Color

* Installs as separate theme from the main Ambiance/Radiance.

This Theme is NOT by the Original Ambiance/Radiance Authors but fallows it very closely for the most part.

Brought to you by:

RAVEfinty, Jared Sot.
Lead developer and designer.

With HUGE Contributions by:
Dr. Amr O , Benoit T

Based On Work (GPL) By:

Kenneth Wimer, James Schriver, Andrea Cimitan ,Canonicol LTD,David Barr ,P0ng

Brought to you by RAVEfinity! An Open Source Design Project! If you like this theme, Check out our other work or just support us by visiting:http://www.ravefinity.com/


Need Help Installing Or Using This Theme?
Read The Easy Howto Guide. And Other Theme Related Help At Our Website's Help Section: http://www.ravefinity.com/p/help-faq.html

Needed Theme engines:
(All engines but pixmap should be already installed on Ubuntu and Mint)

1.) "Murrine" gtk2 theme engine version 0.98+

2.) "Unico" Theme Engine.

"Pixmap Theme Engine"
Package name: "gtk2-engines-pixbuf"

Can be found in the REPOS Install VIA:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf

Ubuntu,Mint or Debian: In a ".Deb" Package or Via Our Official PPA.

Any Distribution in a generic theme tar.gz

Instructions for Installing this theme from the Official RAVEfinity PPA can now be found on the download page!

Theme is now available in Debs Packages and in our PPA! Thanks to Andrew & Umair.

If You Like The Theme Please Consider Spreading the word/link to our site. Not just the PPA Install Instructions... ravefinity.com - Thanks

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  Caja window tab - font not visible in Icon mode

 by PGG on: Dec 14 2014
Score 50%

Upgrade from Mint 17 Mate to Mint 17.1 Mate all OK, except...

For the Window Appearance I use [RAVEfinity] "Ambiance-Orange" with Ubuntu font to get back to the Ubuntu 10.04 look.

Now, in Caja, opening initial file manager window view OK, but when opening a new tab, default displaying as Icon mode, the caption font is not visible, greyed out, or only the faint shadow emphasis. Changing to list mode the font is perfectly OK, in Compact view the font again is not visible. All subsequent tabs opened exhibit the same behaviour. Only in Caja file manager, all other applications OK.

There is some disscussion on the Mint Forum: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=206&t=184732

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 Re: Caja window tab - font not visible in Icon m

 by Ravefinity on: Dec 28 2014
Score 50%
Open Source Design
Jared Sot 403

Open Source Design
United States of America
Last visit 12 hours ago
16 Friends
23 Groups

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Thanks for your comment and report on this. I will look into getting this fixed, Not sure why this broke for you on a small update to 17.1. Gonna do my best.

Small workaround: Try dragging a background color into caja under backround preferences.

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